Caring For Your Epoxy Floor

Epoxy floors are robust and strong floors but like everything, they benefit from regular maintenance. 

The following outlines some simple steps to take and things to avoid.

Regular Sweeping

A regular sweeping and cleaning program of your epoxy floor is advised to avoid the dirt and dust building up on the surface. Dirt and dust can act as an abrasive which can prematurely age the surface.

Mopping the Surface

Mopping the floor regularly is also advised. Everyday dishwashing liquid is the

best thing to clean your epoxy flooring. Mix 1/3 cup with 4 to 5 litres of water and mop the floor. 

Types of cleaning agents to be avoided

  • Abrasive cleansers must not be used.
  • Acid based cleansers will certainly damage your flooring and must not be used.
  • Strong alkali-based cleansers are very dangerous must be diluted as per the products instructions and never used in their concentrated form.

Avoid Scraping

Scraping the surface of the epoxy flooring should be avoided but it is okay to lightly use a scourer sponge or squeegees. Ensure they have rounded corners as they are less likely to scratch the floors surface.

Remove Chemical & Oil Based Spillage’s Immediately

It is imperative that the spillage of chemicals such as petrol or oil should be attended to immediately and not left to ‘settle’ on the floor. This applies to any and all spillages and followed up with a cleaning procedure as detailed above.

Be aware that after some chemical spillages whether they are small or large, there are certain chemicals that may well cause some colour changes to your epoxy flooring. Generally, this is caused by a surface reaction only and is unlikely to impair the mechanical performance of the epoxy flooring system.

With regular maintenance, you’ll continue to enjoy your epoxy floors for years to come. Call Concrete Tactix today and discuss your project requirements.