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We started with just a name but now are a brand because of our hard work and dedication to serving our customers best. A trending name in the flooring industry is now available with specialisation in concrete polishing, Finishing, Resurfacing, and Repairing floors for your home and offices.

Concrete no longer needs to be dull and boring if you’re wanting to create a space that impresses. Polished concrete can have this effect by grinding the surface down to almost a mirror finish. Other methods such as epoxy flake can give more of a decorative flair to high traffic or commercial spaces.

Concrete Tactix work with a team of experts who are highly qualified and talented do all the search and analysis before giving you any piece of advice or suggestion. Apart from this, you also get services suitable to your budget as per your expectations. Call us today to get a full quote on your next project and we will be

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Exceeding your expectations within lesser time by assisting them with quality products, project time frame and suitable concrete service is our priority. We are always prepared to serve you with the best we have.

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Additional Information Polished Concrete Flooring

Are you considering polished concrete floors and want to understand the differences? Well Concrete Tactix are here to help you consider the options and match to your desired look, finish and budget.

There are two different methods commonly used to create polished concrete along with various finishes and stone exposures that you can achieve to create a truly unique finish. With polished concrete you typically choose between a Hone and Seal or Mechanically Polished concrete. With the Hone and Seal, the top of the concrete is ground back to make visible as little or as much aggregate as desired.

When considering aggregate exposure, the most common exposures are minimal, random or full exposure. Once suitably prepared there are a variety of sealers that can be applied to achieve the desired finish to your floor. Sealers range in gloss levels, Satin or penetrating, solvent or water based.

Concrete Tactix experienced team can help you choose the most suitable sealer to best suit your requirements. Hone and sealed floors are very durable, water and stain-resistant, but being finished with a sealer, the concrete may need to be refreshed every 7-10 years – depending on the product you choose to apply and the amount of traffic there is on the floor. A concrete floor that has been hone and sealed is more cost-effective than a mechanically polished upfront, but may work out more expensive over the life of the floor with refreshing so this is something to also contemplate.

Mechanically polished concrete achieves a more uniform finish and is physically harder then honed concrete. This means the lifespan of a mechanically polished floor is greater and the floor is more durable. The process starts the same, the top of the concrete is ground back to make visible as little or as much aggregate as desired. The floor is then grouted and densified before being polished multiple times to get the desired level of shine. Also with Mechanical polised floors, you have the choice of a matte, semi or high gloss finish with a minimal, random or full stone exposure.

From a cost perspective, a full stone exposure will be more expensive upfront as it takes longer to grind and achieve a high gloss. While these floors look amazing indoors, we don’t recommend a mechanical polish for outdoor areas as it can be too slippery when wet.

If you want to explore Polished Concrete further give Concrete Tactix a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you with any further questions you have about your specific project!

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Looking for that luxury mirror finish? Concrete Polishing /Hone & Seal Exposure

Full Exposure This is when we grind to achieve as much stone exposure as possible through your concrete polished floor. We will provide full stone showing throughout the floor depending on whether the concrete has been poured evenly and to the right specifications. To achieve full exposure look the process is more labour intensive than the minimal (as we have to grind over the floor multiple times to get all the stone showing) and therefore it is a more expensive option. For full exposure we generally grind down 4-6mm depending on the hardness of the slab. This full stone exposure is a more traditional look and is often used in homes and large internal areas.

Minimal Exposure

Within the industry this is often referred to as a salt and pepper due to the look of stones exposed in some areas and not others. Exposure levels are depending on how the slab was poured & can differ depending on this. We grind the top 1-3mm off the concrete surface, usually going over the entire floor once. This type of concrete finishing is often used for the industrial look for homes & outdoor areas etc. This option is the most cost effective option as it is not as labour intensive as a full stone exposure.

Nil Exposure

Nil exposure is often desired by clients but is also the hardest to achieve. We are only able to offer this finish for newly poured concrete that is poured specifically to stringent specifications. To achieve this there must not be no undulations throughout the floor where aggregate could show through. The process for this look is to grind off the least amount possible so that there is little to no stone showing through the concrete surface. As part of the process we then grout the floor to fill in any tiny pin holes and cracks so that you get a more smooth surface

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