Shed Epoxy

Concrete slabs that are not sealed are often insufficient to withstand the pressures of a Heavy equipment or vehicles for a long period of time. Under frequent load, concrete is susceptible to abrasion, sudden impact, and cracking.

Over concrete substrates, epoxy and other high-performance resinous flooring systems can usually be installed to repair surface damage and enhance the slab’s compressive strength, impact resistance, and load-bearing capacity. Epoxy flooring can create a monolithic, virtually seamless shed floor surface that can withstand impressive loads and the wear and tear of industrial equipment.

From warehouse floors to the stores and showrooms that display them, and every step in between, there is a need for a sustainable and effective flooring solution.

Machinery, wheeled cars, dirt, foot traffic, and infrequent cleaning are the main causes of heavy traffic on ware on shed floors. Specialised coatings are necessary to endure this heavy traffic.